At Health Equity Partners, we work with business leaders to create sustainable strategies that reduce team stress and improve behavior, environment and culture.

The work mantra "leave your personal life at home" is dead.

Business leaders today need to drive –not just advocate for– employees to feel valued and connected. You've read the research.

Now what are you going to do about it?


  show they're valued

People are more stressed than ever, much of it stemming from toxic behavior and/or pressure at work. There are many ways to take incremental yet powerful steps to create meaning and purpose for your team.



It's not enough to talk about diversity. You must level the playing field to create equity and inclusion. This requires employees to let go of fear and commit to acceptance of those who may be different from themselves.   


move forward, not back

Health Equity Partners offers services that flex for each client. Small budget? No problem. No HR? Call us. We specialize in serving businesses that lack internal resources. We can move you forward.

Our Approach

Our process is people-centered with four basic phases, each with a set of detailed activities and deliverables based on your needs. We start first with learning about your organization's challenges and uncovering related pain points. We do this by talking with your team, setting clear expectations and outcomes with leadership, and much more. This leads to our assessment with recommendations on workplace program strategies, tools and any other longer-term education and support you need. Finally, we put you in good hands with our expert practitioners to continue improving your workplace over time.

Remember, organizational change does not happen overnight. It requires committed, visionary leadership to see it through.





Learn, listen and include everyone in a shared workplace assessment.



Review assessment findings. Prioritize how to address pain points effectively.



Create a plan (tools, resources, expertise) to address pain points and build trust.



Connect with our practitioners to implement your plan over time.
We're here for you.