Health Equity Partners co-founders Kristy LaFollette and Tina Semko

Health Equity Partners co-founders Kristy LaFollette and Tina Semko

About Us

Kristy and Tina met when Kristy first moved to Portland, OR in 2015. They immediately bonded over mutual interests in social justice and raising confident, happy daughters. At the time, Tina worked at local medical clinic and was frustrated by the lack of respect management had for both her and her dedicated, hard-working team. At the same time, Kristy was struggling her own happiness and motivation since the agency leadership team she worked for didn’t always connect to her vision of equity for all employees. Both avid readers and researchers, Tina and Kristy began seeing a growing trend in the news and in conversations: building work culture with positive intent directly impacts productivity and business success. At it's core is ensuring an equitable and inclusive environment. But many businesses don’t know how to go about finding the path to doing so.

Hence, Health Equity Partners was born.

Launched in January 2018, Tina and Kristy decided to partner together to bring a range of organizational change services to clients of all kinds, leveraging experienced consultants who value collaboration, learning and empathy. Despite technological gains, a multi-billion leadership development industry, and access to all kinds of science and data, companies are deeply struggling with how to shift into the 21st century. People are stressed, and their workplaces are a big part of it. With a now-growing, national network of consultants, we’re proud to offer a holistic approach to reducing employee stress and improving health and motivation.

Our network of organizational development consultants, interior design and architects, equity and inclusion partners, writers, healthcare practitioners…we are Health Equity Partners. We are not about checking a box. We solve problems. We are change-makers who listen.


Tina Semko

Co-Founder, Lead Strategist

Tina's dedication to bringing equitable health access to immigrants, refugees and communities of color is proof she holds clear vision for Health Equity Partners. A Portland native, Tina leads Health Equity Partners’ equity, diversity and inclusion programs. A skilled, collaborative facilitator, she currently serves on the Portland Police's Training Advisory Council (TAC) and is a board member with both the Rosewood Initiative and Right To Health in Portland. Tina also sits with the East Portland Neighborhood Office (EPNO) Grants Committee.

When she's not working, parenting, and being a champion of social justice across multiple organizations, Tina enjoys music, learning new languages, traveling, hiking, and running.


Kristy LaFollette

Co-Founder, New Business and Partnerships

A longtime tech industry business and sales lead, Kristy decided it was time to focus on improving people’s lives through people, not just products. Kristy’s digital agency and client-side experience taught her one big lesson: most leadership teams, regardless of the size of their company, face similar challenges to achieve success when people are stressed and don’t feel a sense of belonging. Projects fail, people quit.

With Health Equity Partners, Kristy is delighted to be both student and steward of what it takes to create happier and healthier workplaces. She loves running, reading, live music, and encouraging her daughter to pursue her dream of being a contortionist.