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Meet Our Experts

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Rajkumari Neogy (s/he, his or hers)

Rajkumari Neogy is the creator of the Disruptive Diversity framework and the author of The WIT Factor: Shifting the Workplace Paradigm by Becoming Your Optimal Self. S/he is fascinated by team culture and believes that every individual brings a superpower that often isn't fully unlocked. S/he provides expertise in team culture cohesion, diversity and inclusion, leadership development and organizational epigenetics. Sitting comfortably at the intersection of interpersonal neurobiology (IPNB), technology, culture, and empathic language for business, Rajkumari holds a Master’s Degree in Transformative Leadership Development from the California Institute of Integral Studies.


Leslie Gregory, PA-C (she/her)

A certified Physician Assistant (PA-C), navy veteran, and mother of two, Leslie is a longtime Portlander and social justice activist focused on healing those affected by everyday racism. Founder of Right To Health, Leslie believes in the importance of taking a dynamic approach to teaching racial justice through health practices.

Leslie is an experienced antiracist facilitator and conflict facilitation mediator. She writes and conducts research on the health impacts of racism for ALL Americans with a clinical and public health lens, accessing the humanistic and preventive approach. She encourages people to use empathy, introspection and intention around interpersonal and sociopolitical engagement.


Torri Wright (she/her)

Founder of Wright Behavior consultancy and behavior tracking platform BEHCA, Torri Wright has devoted her career to understanding what motivates people, how to encourage collaboration, and how to resolve conflict. Based in Portland, OR, Torri’s 20-year career working with adults and children with learning disabilities gives her the capacity to bridge diverse viewpoints and arrive on common ground. She is often tapped to help businesses improve their inclusive practices and workplace culture by better understanding the brain and neurodiversity. Torri leads in-depth coaching and learning and development program-building in applied behavior analysis, crisis interventions, and behavior management. Torri has an M.A. in Special Education and Teaching from Pacific University.

Christa King (she/her)

Christa is an author, speaker, wellness consultant and founder of holistic fitness company, Fitlandia. She created Fitlandia after leaving a successful, but very high-stress career in revenue management to focus on helping people improve their health by strengthening the mind. Based in Portland, OR, Christa is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Nutritional Therapist, and Lifestyle Strategist. Check out her weekly podcast "Fitlandia | Fitness for the Mind" and her book "Strategic Vitality: 11 Small Steps to a Big Transformation."

Susan Jones (she/her)

Founder of Creative Behavior Systems, Susan Jones brings her 20-plus years of education, behavioral science, trauma-informed, and resilience-building expertise to organizations seeking support in improving communication and conflict resolution. A public education veteran, Susan facilitates workshops and coaches leaders and management teams on how to increase interpersonal engagement by learning the importance of trauma informed methodologies and reducing stress while decreasing maladaptive behavior.


Stephanie Preston, Ph.D. (she/her)

Stephanie has studied the evolution and neural basis of human behavior for the past 25 years, more recently applying academic science to solve real-world business challenges for companies such as Hyundai and non-profits such as the Environmental Defense Fund. She specializes in understanding when and why people feel empathy and offer help to other people and to the environment, and how people make decisions to allocate resources for themselves and for others. Currently an Associate Professor of Psychology with the University of Michigan, Stephanie has an MA and PhD in behavioral neuroscience from the University of California at Berkeley, and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Department of Neurology at the University of Iowa College of Medicine.