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Join us Thursday, january 17th 2019!

You’ve read enough research over the years: sticking to New Year’s resolutions often fail, regardless if it’s about losing weight, saving for a vacation or finding a new job. Why?

We underestimate how hard it is to change long-time habits. Our brains can be very persuasive when it comes to painting pictures that aren't realistic. It’s easier to shame and blame than give ourselves a break. This in turn elevates stress, depression and loneliness and will absolutely NOT be left at the door when coming into work every day.

People professionals: It's time for a New Year’s Evolution in the workplace.

In our new, monthly #BehaviorAndBelonging series, Health Equity Partners invites you to an evening of networking, myth-busting, idea sharing and brain boosting to get you in the “Zone” or Mind Zoning®, a positive mindset strengthening program designed by author, speaker and Fitlandia founder Christa King, our featured guest. Christa's personal story of overcoming her own health breakdown and work burnout is both motivating and empowering. By consulting organizations across multiple industries to develop mindset-focused health and wellness programs, Christa shares important research and advice on what makes the case for evolving wellness at work.

While the evening is curated for HR management, Learning and Development leads and others driving Employee Experience programs within their organizations, all are welcome.


  • Strategies to develop/improve wellness advocacy in your org and achieve leadership buy-in

  • Tips on encouraging your teams to make healthier choices throughout the workday

  • Discussion on what sustainable change looks like with health/wellness programs

  • Useful data/content to share back with your team

  • Informal, inclusive and fun environment to network

  • Delicious appetizers and healthy beverages