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Join us WEDnesday, march 6th, 2019!

You’ve read enough research over the years: sticking to a healthy lifestyle ends up with a high rate of failure (nearly 70% for Americans every year). For many of us, this can lead to depression, increased stress...all of which we bring to work.

Why is it so hard for us to take care of ourselves? How can workplaces better support employees who want to make major shifts in their health without alienating them at the office party? For those accountable for healthy, supported employee experiences, join us for a discussion on Rethinking Wellness Support At Work.

Visiting from Portland, OR with its #BehaviorAndBelonging event series, Health Equity Partners invites you to an evening of networking, myth-busting and brain boosting to build upon your existing work wellness programs (or scrap them entirely to reimagine new ones). Featuring speaker, author and Fitlandia founder Christa King, Christa will share her personal story of how she transformed her life from a stressed out corporate executive to health and wellness entrepreneur. Leading conversation into how we can all build our own workplace wellness toolkit, we welcome HR managers, Employee Experience leads and anyone else who's interested at reducing stress at work for themselves and their peers. Listen, learn and engage on this important topic with us.

We welcome you to join us at WeWork's beautiful 535 Mission location. Enjoy delicious catered food and drinks, bring your stories and see you there!