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Stempathy provides methods to strengthen team collaboration, communication and productivity in the manufacturing industry. Scientists and engineers, co-founders Jane Ni, Rene Martinez-Johnson and Jill Craven combine hazard analysis techniques with emotional intelligence trainings to prevent losses in complex manufacturing environments.

Today’s manufacturing environments are complex systems of people, equipment, and automation. Often, only indirect analytical data is available to tell us what’s going on. Automation can be a black box. And it is not possible—despite years of advanced training—for one person to understand how the whole system works, and how it can fail. An invisible infrastructure ensures safety and quality in the face of these challenges, enabling teams to work together when unexpected difficulties arise.

Tara Horn (they/them)

Tara is the founder of The Praxis Department, a Portland consultancy that helps companies connect with their people to build resilient cultures. With over a decade of experience in organizational development and applied social research, Tara has worked with non-profits, public agencies, and community-based organizations in the U.S. and Asia. She has a deep understanding of cultural systems and brings a unique approach that integrates design thinking, data, and anthropology to engage teams in more effective collective action and change. Tara has a Masters in Applied Anthropology and Participatory Development from The Australian National University.


Shana Sharan (she/her)

Shana has 20 years of technology industry experience, with 15 years at Salesforce. She is a visionary leader with a superior track record directing large, complex global programs across HR, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, and Performance Management. Shana holds an M.A. from Columbia University, a project management certification from UC Berkeley and is a DiSC facilitator.