What is behavior? Why change it?

We get it. It’s weird to talk about mindset. It’s awkward because we all have brains and yet they are all totally unique and it’s hard to compare one person to another. Here’s the thing: there’s ample proof that humans are pretty basic creatures, and we’ve created a lot more confusion in the 21st century that leaves us lonely, stressed and exhausted. We’re here to demystify brain science AND encourage you to explore new ways of understanding how to better communicate, get along with others and well, just be happier wherever you are.

There’s a plethora of topics and talent that drive positive business culture today which is our special passion. We love investigating and conducting a great interview with people who are hell bent on changing old ways of thinking about what it means to be successful in our capitalist world. Check out profiles we admire, glean insights on brain science and beyond, and get to know our growing network of experts.

We all share a similar vision: to make the world a better place through improved organizational systems, leadership and equity building regardless where you are in the world.